Monday, May 19, 2008

A Truly Judgemental Post.

I'm conservative, and I'm judgemental. So what? Most teens and 20-somethings I see on the internet call themselves liberals and claim that they don't judge people, yet all their posts are about passing judgement on groups of people that they barely know or mix with.

Well, at least one of us is not in denial.

Ah, we'll see if you're going to stick to your ideologies when you're in your mid 30s with 4 kids running around in your house. Then you'll be busy trying to divert your kids' attention away from the things you fought so hard for in your youth.

You're not letting your kids have your birth control pills? But she has always been a responsible 14 year old! Well, with or without your permission, she's still going to do it. What are you gonna do, ground her until she turns 18 and goes to college? Oh, so it's ok for you to have sex at 14 but it's not okay for her? (And yes, I know a few Malaysian girls who lost their virginity at 14. It happens.)

What? You're not letting your 13 year old wear a miniskirt and a halterneck ala Jamie Spears? Whatever happened to freedom to wear whatever she wants? It is her body, not yours, after all. Kan she only wants to wear a miniskirt to feel good about herself? What are you so afraid of?

You're not letting your kids smoke marijuana at all? Not even in his 20s? Whatever happened to 'knowing how to have fun'? Don't you trust him? He says he has willpower. He says he won't get addicted. But no, you have no faith in him. You still think you're special, that other teens aren't half as responsible as you are, you think you have such willpower, such intelligence, bla bla bla. And no, there's no possibility that your kids might be all those things.

That's why true liberals don't breed.

That's why parents usually don't try to advise other parents. In fact, people who usually try to give parenting tips are usually those who haven't had kids. Because they know that some kids will end up as whores and monsters anyway, regardless of how well you raised them. And some kids were destined to be good, even though they were raised by whores.

So think twice before dropping a comment deeming me a liberal, because I'm a judgemental conservative. Remember that. Judgemental conservative. Judgemental conservative. Repeat that 38267192 times.

Selamat Hari Wesak.


Anonymous said...

u're a fucking judgementalist pig.

magenta said...

So what's new? I'm judgemental, and you're still an anonymous asshole who needs to visit the Wizard of Oz and ask for some courage and a backbone so that you'll have the guts to post yr comments under a legit nick.

Hali Munan said...

I think what anonymous is trying to say is "U're a fucking judgmental pig :p."

Don't be too harsh on anonymous. He/She simply forgot the smiley.

Have a good day and spread the love :)

magenta said...

LOL. Long time no see. Trust you to come up with an optimistic comment on a cynical post.

Have a good day too. :)

ledisordre said...

nih, yg lagi takleh blah, org yg membesar dgn racist, sexist, ketuanan melayu jokes tiba2 rasa cukup liberal untuk support homosexuality dan pakai baju support love dan melenting dgn komen homophobic dan tiba2 fikir agama itu satu joke.

boleh support kwn yg nk bunuh kandungan atas nama pro-choice, boleh memahami perasaan dan cinta suci pasangan2 gay, tapi ketawa dan buat muka bila org nk solat? and call them dogmatic religious bastards?

liberal my ass.

magenta said...

I've said it once, I'll say it again. Everyone judges, the only difference is to what extent do we judge people.

Those people you mentioned? Sounds like they have a lot of growing up to do.

In 5 years letting your kids get pregnant and go to rehab at the age of 16 will be an 'in' thing also, and they will be supporting that too. They probably won't understand what they're supporting, tapi peduli apa, everyone else is doing it.

Dayana said...

Komen-komen 'membina' dari 'anonymous' a few posts in a row! Magenta, you've arrived! :)

magenta said...

I've arrived? Where? Emerald City? :p

That's the thing. I should disable that anonymous comment posting thingy but I'm having too much fun. Hahaha. And I know that there are 2 different 'anonymous' yang suka post komen 'membina' tu.

*letak jari hantu and jari telunjuk dekat mata dan perlahan2 point jari ke skrin computer* I'm watching you anonymous(es)..!!

Anonymous said...

it's been a while since i pass by.
and hell, i am missing a lot of fun.

//yea, liberal tak kenal tempat. menyampah betul. lagi2 bila habis liberal nak cakap mcm2 psl agama.

people like this make me wanna throw up sometimes.

Z said...

hahahaha...anonymous2 ni make me laugh all the time.

well magenta. i agree with u. young ppl nowadays think it's cool and hip to become 'open minded', and yet they criticise, discriminate and isolate anyone who's out of the ordinary..u call that open minded? certainly not.

i have yet to find a non-judgemental person. FULLY non-judgemental. everyone that i have met in my life had at least said one nasty, negative remark about something/someone.

or maybe i haven't travelled that far. i'm still young.

nurulazreenazlan said...

There's gay-bashing and then there's anonymous-bashing.

The latter has been done at our friend; Enche Neraka's blog =P

Anonymous said...

bagi aku,

kalau kawan kita kutuk kita...dia mesti bersedia menerima kutukan balik...hehe

orang yang suka bercakap pasal orang lain...mesti bersedia untuk menerima orang bercakap pasal diri sendiri

love is not a one way road

judgemental conservative,liberal or not that important

for classify,group,cluster people based on certain criteria are for philosopher to differentiate one another and tackle the problem

that doesn't matter to long as we become a better human being

i've become a prick,asshole,a saint,nerd,judgmental,wannabe or loser

if u love so much being at the top...try being at the most bottom of hell

u will learn a lot more and appreciate life

Anonymous said...

aku rindu neraka :( tak payah diskus benda2 mcm ni.

magenta said...

xXx: Hi! Welcome back. Haha. Someone needs to come up with another nickname for these sort of people. They're not really liberals.

zureen: Actually, I haven't either. I think it's because no one is perfect. But someone who says all the right things all the time doesn't sound like someone I'd like to meet. I don't even like people yang PC all the time. He he.

nurul: And that's what you get for being yourself. Haha.

erm: Aku meletakkan diri aku di luar sana untuk kutukan. Marilah kutuk dan gelakkan aku, aku seorang konservatif yang judgemental.

saiko: Hahaha kalau rindu blog dia, emellah dan beritau dia. Kalau letak kat komen aku, aku bukan boleh buat apa2 pun.

Tapi ini blog aku apa. Kat sini je pun aku ada kebebasan nak discuss apa yang aku nak.

Melayu Minimalis said...

nice one.

magenta said...


Anonymous said...

There ya go, people who support ideas and causes arbitrarily.

It's a laugh. ;P

zureen -> there *are* people who pass no judgements whatsoever, becuse they're on a higher plane. literally. they're high hippies. LOL

magenta said...

LOL! That's really funny!

Anonymous said...

"Lady, people aren't chocolates. Do you know what they are mostly? Bastards. Bastard-coated bastards with bastard fillings. But I don't find them half as annoying as I find naive bubble-headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine."


Z said...

high hippies? that's an effortlessly cool term! xpernah dengar lg.haha

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