Saturday, August 8, 2009

Plastic Heart.

I wonder, if you broke a heart one too many times, how long will it take to mend?

What if it was like a ceramic heart, will it ever be the same again? Or is it just like a mug which fell off the table and gained a new crack each time? There's only so much cracks a mug can take before it loses the ability to hold water. Only so much a broken heart can take before it starts to leak. What goes in the broken ceramic heart, always leaks out. There's hardly anything left for you after a while.

What if it was a glass heart, once broken, considered thrown.

What if it was a paper heart, you can cut it out anytime. When you're done, you can glue it on again, but it'll never be placed properly, it'll always be a little bit off.

What if it was a rubber heart? You try to break it, it always bounces back. Full of optimism and so elastic, that rubber heart. It refuses to believe that anything can alter the way it feels about love. Leave it too long by itself, it loses that elastic hope; Break it one too many times, it might never regain its shape.

What if it was a plastic heart? You can try to break it many times, but it feels nothing. It's not even biodegradable. It is just out there, it doesn't expect, just hopes. It also can't love you back.

The plastic heart at one time has been a ceramic heart, a glass heart, a paper heart or a rubber heart. But cynicism has mutated it into becoming plastic.

What kind of heart do you have?


The Wifey said...

secret heart =D

erm said...

i have the good things in every heart

so, good for me

Lang Legar said...

the kind of heart that keep it to itself only under don't break things that you don't hold..

Anonymous said...

what if it is a cloned heart? Regenerated from stem cells....


Anonymous said...

flesh is good too.

NeemoNeemo™ said...

Mine is ceramic.

I admit to breaking hearts.Not proud of it.

[n] said...

I guess, mine is kinda plastic. Heh.

the artist and i said...

mine is oil paint.

-lambat nak kering.

fynn jamal said...

i know this may sound disgusting.
but my heart is as e-coli.

yes, the kind that lives in swines.

boil it, smash it, cut it.
yet it lives on.

my heart was and is in constant changes. though it hurts like hell each time it has to shift up / down / side to side;

i know it wont die.
until i want it to die.

Amermeftah said...

mine is made of air, i think, u cant see it, but can feel it, sometimes cool sometimes warm, shapeless, colorless, doesnt take place, ever changing, never stay put

Anonymous said...

fynn jamal,
E. coli strain mana tuh???

E coli pun hati2, kena antibiotics, habis semua mati.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

One's that broken. And been trampled over.

penyelamat dunia said...

mine is not experienced enough to possess battle scars and ache wrinkles and shit. there's no elaborate storyline attached to it haha. so currently it's made out of a special kind of goo, looks disgusting but it's quite sweet if you taste it. taste it lah wahukuhkgea.

Z said...

mine is black. and hard. and tough.

blame all the metal music.

sumpah terlerai said...

Haha..ada satu lagu sesuai untuk hati-hati yang remuk yang boleh digluekan semula.

Sumpah yang terlerai

Dimanakah kau berada
Berpoya bersamanya
Ku ingin melihat
Ku ingin bertanya
Kenapa kita berpisah

Katakanlah kepadaku
Siapa yang menghancurkan
Sape bersamamu
Di malam ku yang sepi
Kuterkenang masa lalu

Ku doa kau
Kan bahgia bersamanya
Tapi mengapakah masih
Ku merinduimu
Sumpah yang terlerai

Titiskanlah airmata
Yang tak pernah kau titiskan
Kata-kata indah yang tak ku ucapkan
Mana janji sentuhan mu

repeat **

Kan ku sedar
Cinta bukan hanya pahit, penuh dusta
Cinta juga pengorbanan yang ikhlas
Ku lepaskan....

4th verse..

Ku beri segala
Untuk ku nikmati
Kucupan terakhir dari mu..

Ku relakan
Ku doa kau
Kan bahgia bersamanya
Kini ku tahu
Erti cinta
Cinta suci murni
Kan kekal abadi...


Tumpanglalu said...

? e.coli, bacteria... rupanya.
Gua ingatkan u all talking about some kind of bra brand yang gua tak kenal... e-govt, e-mail etc.

excuse me..

Anonymous said...

mine..sponge heart

Nick said...

cast iron heart. it it's scratched, you can polish the scratch away. if it's cracked or broken, you can always weld it back together. if it's too damaged, you can melt it, pour it into a mould and get a rebuilt heart.

AIN said...

thee heart has been molded into stone. but i like this post very very much :)

sumpahterlerai said...

pernah dengar lagu Cinta yang terlerai? Tak pernah?..not surprising..lagu tu baru di alihbahasa..haha.

Apa pendapat cik mag tentang liriknya? Boleh baiki hati2 mereka yang retak?

Nadira said...

the best one.

Anonymous said...

A pincushion. Each heartbreak is a single pin. Stabbed repeatedly, out comes a bit of my heart along with a pin. There's only so much that can come out of my heart before it's all gone, and the pins collapse, with no heart to hold it up.

Pisey said...

i heart this post^^

i don't know what mine is.
but i would like to own one like 'Nick'.

Nick said...
"cast iron heart. it it's scratched, you can polish the scratch away. if it's cracked or broken, you can always weld it back together. if it's too damaged, you can melt it, pour it into a mould and get a rebuilt heart."

Nbl Fzr said...

flesh heart.

Anonymous said...

i think mine is rubber heart.

after the break up, i'm still hoping for him to come back to me.i ignore the reality of he's with someone rite now.
i ignore my friend's advice to forget him after what he did to me.

i dont know..