Wednesday, May 14, 2008

House S04E15

Selepas episod itu tamat, aku rewind video itu dari minit 35:45 sehingga tamat dalam lebih kurang 7 kali. Then I watched it while crying. And I'm not the sappy kind. It wasn't sadness. And I wasn't the type to cry over something I watched on a screen.

Entahlah. Tapi aku rasa aku tak pernah rasa macam itu dalam seumur hidup aku. I don't know what kind of an emotion it was. But I don't think I've ever experienced that kind of a feeling over something that was real or made up. House selalu buat aku rasa benda yang aku tak pernah rasa. Weird. It could also mean I've only lived a short period and there are many things that I've never felt yet.

I just wondered if anyone watches House too? Probably not. Everyone seems to prefer Grey's Anatomy. Anyway, if you've followed House from Season 1 sehingga episod ini, did you feel it too?


Zafwan Zakaria said...

wah, so fast eh. mine still 50.4%. from monday up until now. sheesh. no13, damn she's fine like hell

magenta said...

Hehe I'm using Rapidshare, around RM250 for 365 days. Split the bill in half with my sister. All this because I'm a download junkie and I'm bloody impatient.

I think this has to be one of the best episodes ever!

Anonymous said...

Grey's Anatomy, letih tengokknya
kojap2 romen, sblm surgery romen, habis surgery romen, lunch break romen.
House mmg terbaek, another favorite show of mine related to doctors is Scrubs.

Dayana said...

ala, sedihnye you see Greys as a "kejap2 beromen" drama. I love them to death and its not because of the make-out sessions.

Tapi House, haih.

I can't stand House. I can't stand Scofield.



Dramatic pulak. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

memang kau sorang je la tengok house eh? kau kan different. buwek.

Unknown said...

i watched house since season 1. it is so much better than grey's. maybe because i hate patrick dempsey. i watched ugly betty as well, just because i like the colour of her office. very retro-like. :-)

magenta said...

anonymous#1: Yeah, terbaik! Scrubs pun best, tapi dah lama tak tengok. (Jarang bukak TV)

dayana: Haha I don't hate Grey's (seriously). Frankly I've only watched one or two eps. My boyfriend loves Grey's. You can't stand House? He's the most charming asshole I know! Tapi you're so right, I can't stand Horatio jugak! Hahaha. Tapi I love Grissom.

anonymous #2: Buwek jugak. :p

Kalau aku sorang tengok House, takdela aku tanya kalau orang lain tengok jugak dan apa pendapat dorang tentang episod ni. Lagipun House is a very popular show, I doubt I'm the only one who watches it.

Btw, kau selalu melawat page ni and ni bukan pertama kali kau komen, tak nak assume nickname yang lebih 'berani' dari jadi anonymous ke?

sky: I love House sebab dia focus more on House's 'falsampah' and the medical aspect rather than the drama and relationshits of the characters. Plus, a man who can play the piano, brilliant as hell AND owns a Harley? What's there not to like? :D

iqanabeera said...

yeah. house is definitely the sexiest asshole with a brain on tv right now. haha.

Siberkop said...

I've watched House season first n second jer. Agak memenatkan.

Tgk Scrubs dari first sampai skrg. Dari situ baru tahu siapa diri ini sebenarnya. I am vanilla.

Anonymous said...

bersetuju dgn mereka yg kaki tonton HOUSE!!!
the genius asshole yg penuh dgn falsafah
dulu ada cameron skrg ada thirteen

walaupun aku seorg matematis yg xprnah blaja bio. tp aku tetap sronok tgk HOUSE!!

mohon buat pautan

Anonymous said...

Hmmm lelaki yang suka falsampah, main piano...

nampaknya kena beli Harley lepas ni.. (nak kumpul duit dulu..)

Rambut tak bersikat..jalan with a limp.. pun boleh attract the intelli chicks... mcm mcm

Anonymous said...

Tapi Cik Magenta, you "wondered if anyone watches House too? Probably not. Everyone seems to prefer Grey's Anatomy."

Bukankah itu menunjukkan kau telah membuat kesimpulan sendiri tentang para pembaca kau?

Hrmm. You know, when you ASSume, you become a pain in the ass to me - bak kata House yang sexy tu lah.

The only reason I log in as anon is because I do not have a google/blogspot/whatever account. Dan ya, ini bukan kali pertama aku melawat blog kau. To be honest, I do enjoy some of your posts. You seem quite mature for someone who's not even twenty.

Keep on blogging in the free world... mwahmwah!

Zafwan Zakaria said...

i have the whole scrubs, grey's and house from their pilot up until current episode. guess what? i'm getting my medical degree soon.

now let me be the spoil of the moment. amber's dead and wilson get sudden erectile dysfunction. house getting his feet back on its feet. kutner get fired for malpractice cos he smoke bong in house's room. 13 becomes a 2 ways whore. taub get back with his wife n seize the day by doin boob-job and as for cuddy, she go nuts and shut down the whole hospital.

n that was a sneak peak for house S04E16 till' S04E25.

thank you come again. (kutner as kumar in harold n kumar)

magenta said...

iqanabeera: Agree!

siberkop: Hahaha kenapa memenatkan. Scrubs memang lawak gila, malangnya dah banyak ketinggalan.

MatematisMuda: Sekarang Cameron ada jugak kadang2. Yeah House rules.

No problem, thanks. :)

anonymous #3: Sexy itu subjektif.

anonymous #2: Hahaha that was sarcasm on my part. Are you gonna be on my back everytime I make a less-than-correct statement? I don't see any of the other House's fans getting mad over that line. :)

Haha try posting under name/url. Put in a nickname. You don't need to fill in the url. Thank you. And where did you get the idea I'm not 20 yet? I'm 22 hahaha. Don't ASSUME cause you'll make an ASS out of U and ME. :P

mwahmwah jugak.

zafwan: You are one determined guy to download all that with Malaysia's slow internet, that I have to say.

That could pass of as plausible except I already know that this episode is one of the 2 part finale. :P Yeah, one more episode and that's it for this season. Stupid writer's strike.

Hahaha I think Kutner a.k.a Kumar got that from Apu from the Simpsons.

Dayana said...

Grissom! betul!!

at least dia menunjukkan credibility sebenar seorang CSI. tak perlu jet black suit, visors n one-liners yang gila corny.

hail csi:crime scene investigation!

broken_nigina said...

guka suka house sebab dia kerek dan kerek dan kerek.
seronok tengok manusia yang very straight forward dan lantang bercakap,tapi akhirnya membuktikan mereka bercakap disertakan kemampuan,bukan berlagak lebih.

Anonymous said...

harley? bukan honda cbr?

magenta said...

dayana: Hahaha la tu lah. Can't stand the corny one liners. Lagi2 bila dia bukak visor dia, pandang jauh pastu buat muka konon2 mysterious, then deliver his corny one liner.

broken nigina: Betul!

rumah: Oh yeah. Thanks for pointing that out. Honda CBR1000RR Repsol Replica. And Hugh Laurie in real life pun tak suka Harley. He says they're slow and expensive and tak leh corner cepat.

The Wifey said...

hugh laurie rawks the house!and he can sing!dia join Band From TV.

dah season 4 eh.nampak sangat dah lama tak spend times dgn loved ones.

but thank God he's a collector.


Anonymous said...

Anyway, if you've followed House from Season 1 sehingga episod ini, did you feel it too?

macam terpinggir je persoalan ni hehe

Nadira said...

i prefer house than grey's anatomy! :)

magenta said...

asra: And he can play the guitar! Hehe.

matematismuda: Hahaha tu la pasal. Tapi takpe.

nadira: I probably do too, seeing House is my favorite show. Hehe.

Idlan said...

Kalau kau rasa S4Ep15 sudah emosi, apa pendapat kau tentang S4Ep16?

Aku rasa ianya sangat awesome. Awesome tak terkata. Dan membuat aku ingin merangkul dekat mereka (atau dia) yang aku sayang dan pegang kuat-kuat dan tidak mahu lepas lagi.

magenta said...

Rasa sebak. Sangat, sangat sebak.

Macam kehilangan sesuatu dalam hidup aku yang aku sangat perlukan tetapi sedar aku takkan dapat benda tu kembali.

crookert said...

am too late to comment,but i love House the most,repeat la byk kali pun,aku sanggup tgk.and House ni walaupun mulut dia bitch,dia ni romantik juge.hikhik.