Monday, January 14, 2008

Photoshop – Blessing in Disguise

I did an entry before on how makeup can change the way women (and men) look to the point that they are barely recognizable without it. What I failed to mention is that it is not entirely the work of makeup alone. No celebrity is complete without photoshop.

This post is for every girl/guy who had ever wished or said out loud, “I wished I had the body or face of [insert celebrity name here]. You don’t wish that, because what you see in TV or magazines don’t exist. In addition to having numerous plastic surgeries, 2 hours of makeup before every shooting and hair extensions, they have also been digitally retouched. To be fair, I won’t post pictures of celebrities when they are unaware, because everyone has their bad moments. Like this picture of Jessica Alba:

See how easy that was? No, no, I am going to try to be as objective as possible, therefore I am going to use pictures of celebrities from the actual photo shoot itself, after hours of prepping with makeup but pre-photoshopped.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but eternal beauty and fountain of youth don’t exist. Botox injections, face lifts and photoshop do though.

I’ve always wondered why freckles were considered as unattractive and why everyone aims for that poreless, waxy sheen look. I mean, they even erased her smile lines. They look as if they have been permanently botoxed.

You’re right. I would never buy that magazine if it had the picture in the left on the cover. What’s the big deal? She’s 39 and she looks like it. And now that she has breast implants, she finally has a chance of being on that most desired body list.

I’m posting these pictures up because my friends are constantly saying they want a body like Gwen Stefani. I’m hoping that they will finally shut up after seeing these pictures because:

If you can afford breast implants, then you too can have a body like her!

Did you seriously think that male celebrities were exempted?

This is a personal favourite of mine. After the first, second or tenth glance, people will still be wondering what on earth was photoshopped. Just goes to show how the media screws you and you barely notice it. No, it’s not the colour of her underwear. Or just her leg. They reduced the size of Nicole Richie’s body by a quarter of her size. Notice how much wider she is in the original photo? Then they photoshopped her to look as if she is the same size as Paris Hilton in the new photo.

…now you see it.

This is not a photo. This is actually a process while digitally retouching a video. Yes, you can edit the way a person looks in a video too. You can view the proof by viewing Britney’s Piece of Me videoclip on Youtube. Aha… now you’re noticing how unrealistic her lower half looks in the video. Do you feel enlightened? I feel like a magician.

Look, it’s Edie Britt from Desperate Housewives! No, that wasn’t so impressive. How about this:

I think that’s Brittany Murphy. Not sure who she is, but she looks amazing after being photoshopped. Erase away. Erase her eye bags. Erase her smile lines. Erase all her pores.

I have no idea who this chick is, but she looks hot after being photoshopped. I know this is an ad for a TV, but who’s looking at the TV with a face like that? Just to give you an idea how much work is done before each ad is printed. Are you starting to feel as if everything you see is a lie? Hahaha.

Personally I think she looks fine on the photo on the left. I don’t know why that photo sparked so much controversy. I know many other celebrities who look much worse without their makeup.

If you are an average looking girl and dream of being a superstar, fear not. You can always turn to surgery:

Who knows, maybe one day you can represent your country in Miss Universe! Nothing’s impossible nowadays. You can even change your chin, nose, eyes and the shape of your whole face. For an extra USD800, you get dimples thrown in!

I don’t really watch many Korean dramas, but those of you who do will probably recognize some of these actresses who have been through numerous surgeries. Click here if interested.

Fear not, true beauty does exist. Behold the ever so beautiful Angelina Jolie:

Let’s applaud all these celebrities for their dedication and hard work. To say the most important criterion to be an actress is not beauty would be hypocritical. I can name some famous actors that aren’t good looking (Adam Sandler, Jack Black just to name a few) but I have yet to hear of a famous actress that isn’t beautiful. With actresses earning as much as USD10 -15 million per movie, I would hope that they use that money wisely and fix their face because no one wants to look at less than perfect faces on cinema screens. The problem is stupid teens or unrealistic adults who expect normal people to look like that and suffer from low self esteem because they feel like they can’t measure up. People are so dramatic. They create a shithole and whine when they get trapped in that shithole. You were the ones who criticize celebrities when they have a crooked nose or ugly skin, yet you get all worked up about trying to look as pretty as them. Just try to watch the bloody movie and try not to confuse it with your reality.


Anonymous said...

angelina jolie is still my favorite actress. lolz

Anonymous said...

my passport photos (about 30 of them) that i brought here in germany..all were retouched to removed pimples and scars (extra RM 5 wouldn't hurt)..there,i said it! i'm now one of them..waaa shameful..

allykat said...

This blog was interesting... But I really disagree with the statement "The problem is stupid teens and unrealistic adults..."

That's an awful thing to say. Teens and adults can't help thinking they're ugly, it is what is imprinted on their brains by the media and Photoshopped pictures.

Please don't think it's the peoples' faults for wanting to look beautiful, for feeling inadequate just because they don't look like Angelina Jolie.

And we don't criticize celebrities for not looking perfect... Me, anyway. Sometimes it's just shocking to see them looking "normal", because they are always so perfect.

And why did you have to turn the end of this otherwise good article into a "whine" (as you say) anyway?

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. said...

It's not a question of perspective. It's just that modern man has access to plastic surgery and photoshop so he does it. If we can, we can.

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