Sunday, March 14, 2010

Racism Itu Beyond Perkauman.

Aku baru jumpa entri yang menarik dan thought-provoking. Di sini.

"... what right do you have to be pissed off when people judge you because of the way you look in the first place? i'm not saying those people have the right to judge you i'm just saying you're an idiot. and if you are gonna be judgmental just because people are judgmental towards you then i guess this vicious cycle of idiocy will perpetually spin till the milky way pours itself into a cereal bowl of apocalypse.

it's kinda like somebody who would be surprised if they see some arabs behaving badly because arabs are supposed to act all islamic and decent because the prophet was arab not realizing that it was also the arabs that wanted to kill the prophet back in the days.

it's been said too many times don't judge a book by it's a cover, what i wanna say is if you judge a book by it's cover don't bitch when you are judged by your cover."