Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sebab Media Barat Tak Mahu Cerita Ini Diketahui Umum.

Pernah dengar tentang Marwa Al-Sherbini?

Wanita ini ditikam 18 kali di mahkamah oleh jirannya yang xenophobic dan berwarganegara Jerman.
Semasa ditikam, wanita ini memeluk anaknya yang berumur 3 tahun supaya anaknya tidak dicederakan. Dan semasa ditikam, pembunuh itu asyik berteriak, "I want her heart!" (Hendak memotong hati mangsa dengan pisaunya).

A 31-year old, headscarf-wearing Egyptian Muslim woman, Marwa Al-Sherbini, who was about four months pregnant, takes her German neighbor to court for calling her a “terrorist”. Now, in the courtroom, the neighbor, Alex W., stabs her 18 times right in front of her 3-year old son.

Her husband, a research fellow, tries to come to her rescue and ends up not only getting stabbed as well by the attacker, but is actually mistaken for the attacker and shot by the security guard. (Full Story)

Seorang pemerhati telah berkata tentang suami Marwa, "Dia bukan seorang yang berambut perang, jadi dia tentu penyerangnya."

Sekarang beritahu aku, bagaimana seorang wanita boleh ditikam 18 kali dan suaminya ditikam 3 kali sebelum ditembak di dalam mahkamah, tanpa sesiapapun bertindak?

Media yang selalu menanam xenophobia dengan overplay setiap kesalahan orang Islam dan downplay cerita dimana orang Islam dianiayai seperti kes Marwa nampaknya berjaya.

Tak hairanlah orang Islam sudah tidak mahu lagi berdiam, malangnya sikap hendak bersuara ini diputarbelit sebagai agression pula oleh media.

Bagaimana cerita ini langsung tak dihebohkan oleh media Barat? Darah orang Islam tak sama harga dengan darah orang lain ke? Kita semua tahu kalau lelaki Islam yang bunuh perempuan Jerman, mesti kecoh satu dunia. Lepastu dijadikan plot filem Hollywood atau drama bersiri Numbers (yang tidak melepaskan peluang nak hentam Islam dalam hampir semua episod), keluarganya si mangsa ditemuramah oleh Oprah, front page suratkhabar, bla bla bla, supaya semua orang takkan lupa. Sigh.

Senang untuk kamu berkata semua ini boleh dibawa berbincang dengan amannya. Tapi bayangkan itu isteri atau ibu kamu. Perkara ini tak berlaku di jalan raya yang terpencil, tapi di dalam mahkamah. Kemudian kamu pula ditembak ketika hendak melindungi ibu kamu sebab kamu tidak berambut perang, maka tentu kamu terrorist. Sedangkan kita manusia yang kalau break up dengan teman lelaki atau wanita pun dah jadi emosional dan tak keruan, apalagi kehilangan keluarga. Baca kes wanita atau kanak-kanak dirogol pun kita dah rasa nak bunuh/cederakan pesalah, apatah lagi kalau begini.

Aku tak hairan dengan agression, sebab agression biasanya adalah akibat disalahfahami.


Besi Karat said...

Serius aku xtau cerita ni.
Thnx for da story.
Biasalah media Barat mmg king of putarbelit temberang.
Tp,media di sini pun rasenya sedang ke arah yg sama kot.

Anonymous said...

aahh such of big issue about the story of late Marwa in here..THEY are really unfair, because of that involved the German-Russian guy, nationality German…so, they don’t want to really reveal bout it..

That’s very pity on her husband that he is in coma now...and their son, is being d simpan by the government of German, claimed that the father has the right towards the son, and refuse to give the son to his uncle when the brother of late Marwa came to claim and bring the body back to Egypt…

Im very upset and high temp when my friend told me bout this story..and really shocked that they are the friend’s of my friend, also from Egypt…

But, inilah reality d sini..when islam dtindas, they will not make up the story about that..but when we act towards them, then they will ber’act’ lebih2…

Aku benciiiiii dan menyampahhhh

a.t.O.k. said...

hah.memang cilaka mat2 saleh nih.seb bek la aku nk menuntut ilmu.kalau x, x hingin aku nk blaja kat negara kuang hajar cmtuh.ah.bengkek gile bile bace cite tuh.ish2.aku mmpu doa je la skang nih.

jipo said...

aku selalu tgk news update (ala2 berita terkini la) kat website tv national german(ala2 mcm RTM)...time tu ada la kuar berita ni,yg menghairankan dia xsebut langsung "muslim",atau "islam"...maybe time tu reporter xcukup info kot ataupun...hmm o_0

oleh sebab tu aku pon malas nk amik tau..

bila tgk ni baru tau,3672,7602177,00.html

Nuruddin Abu Bakar said...

Ah tidak pernah tahu cerita ini.

klik 'full story'

terima kasih!

Paan Ovrtd said...

I cried my eyes out.

iXa said...

my goodness.

eliza dzulkafli said...

this is beyond outrageous.

oh God, i'm so angry.

nik said...

al fatihah to allahyarhamah marwa and her unborn baby.

the husband was mistaken for the attacker? who's holding the knife? this is no mistake if you ask me.

western media...well most of them are biased against islam anyway, so no point questioning their lack of enthusiasm to tell the whole world about this.

eryzal zainal said...

mag: thanks..yes!!aku hangin

Firdauz takes five said...

fucking crazy people

i'm so mad, i think i'll blog about this as well

thanks for sharing the story magenta, i've dug deeper, and i found that this story should be made known to everyone since the cowards are trying to cover it

fuck im so mad at this double-standard stupid shit.

they even shot the husband!

chenneo said...

i tweeted your link, hope it's okay. this is outrageous. i read some comments about how she wasn't attacked because she was wearing a hijab, but because that man's a psycho/redneck who would've picked on anyone else who's different. fine. but why did NO ONE in the court room do anything to stop the fucker from stabbing the poor woman eighteen freaking times, and all the sudden snap out of their reverie when they see a non-white moving?

fucking ridiculous.

Luqman said...

being a malaysian student living in Alexandria, Egypt the late Marwa's hometown really makes me feel sad about it too.
and lagi sedih, when the story is being heavily publicized in Egypt only and not the other parts of the world. and I can bet its not even a hot topic in Malaysia too.
and last week when her martyr body arrive here I was there for the funeral and so do thousands of muslims here mourning for her death. and I actually cried when seeing people doa and jerit allahuakhbar again and again, its a very sad moment indeed, and today, there's a picture of her mother clad in black jubah sitting peacefully but her eyes is wet with tears.
and today, the egyptian government is going to take civil actions about it and even asked the newspaper to stop calling this german-russian extremist but as terorist instead.
al-fatihah to allahyarhamah marwa and her 3 month old foetus.

Anonymous said...

Speechless.I just cant seem to form words right now without it including profanities.

oh fuck it, it's just..NOT right. What the F was wrong with them? And to think this was happening in a COURTROOM. It makes me SICK to the stomach. Stupidstupidstupid

.::annemishi::. said...

sis, somehow i found dat u n me have several similarities..haaha...

sbb post2 yg dulu2.. i felt the same feeling too..

btw, bru tahu ada berita mcm tu eh?
hurm.. dunia2..

tenang said...

Rant, Sigh, Pull Hair, Sigh Again.

everybody live a life of quiet desperation. thats why some go merempit. some go four wheel driving into oilpalm estate, some go sky diving.

too much time on your hand. when u should be using your hands on other things or men.

It was a winter of was a dark and stormy night.

come let me tell u what life is all about. erti kehidupan dan erti keamanan sejagat.

Tentang berkawan bukan bercinta, berhidup lebih bertenang.

Btw I agree potatoki is stupid...who is potatoki? :)

magenta said...

Tenang: It's Potaki, not Potatoki.

tenang said...


You say potaki, I say potatoki. hehe..

C'est la vie...

Jo said...


Check out Yahoo Featured today. An interview with the Iranian president by Katie Couric.