Friday, February 15, 2008

Anak Bodoh Macam Ni, Baik Mati Aje.

Disclaimer : This is an entry about teen suicide cases. If you are somewhat sensitive, please leave.

As if 13 year olds aren’t annoying enough with their pimped out MySpace/Friendster and
barely-there-clothing to show off their barely-there-curves, now they have to start committing suicide for the stupidest reasons. Parents and parents-to-be, take note. This could be your child in another 15 years or so. Please stop trying to be a ‘cool’ parent. Because your 13 year old is seriously driving me nuts running around with his 300 euro iPod and DSLR camera which he barely knows how to use and had you forking out 600 euros for just so he could take pictures of himself and his friends in a mall and post it up on MySpace the next day.

Picture of Jamie Lynn Spears, (younger sister of the infamous Britney Spears) celebrating her 13th birthday with her friends, 3 years prior to becoming pregnant.

Is teen pregnancy a trend now? They even made a movie about it. Eh, para liberal, don't condemn me for expressing my distaste towards parents who lets their kids run around dressed like that. I'm sure the pedophiles aren't complaining. Yes, freedom of dressing for women and all that. But give it time. Look at the girl on the left, her tummy is bigger than her boobs.

On a different note but not so far off from the topic, here are a few examples of a few pretty unbelievable and stupid reasons why kids commit suicide nowadays. These cases are all real and not made up.

1. Mitchell Henderson – Known as the 13 year old who committed suicide over a lost iPod. This is because he shot himself a day after he lost his iPod. At first when I read this story I thought it must be fake, right? People like this just don’t exist. To be fair, there were also rumors that he was being bullied but the fact that he had a MySpace account and an iPod at 13 takes away all my sympathy. It’s not like he resolved anything by killing himself. If he had shot the kids who had bullied him and then committed suicide, then it might have sent some sort of a (twisted?) message to bullies worldwide. Now he’ll just be remembered as that kid who killed himself because he lost his iPod.

Further proof that Mitchell Henderson DID actually exist.

2. Yasmin Browder – 11 year old girl who committed suicide by hanging herself from a bathroom door with a dressing gown belt because her mother would not let her watch a TV show called Big Brother (Is it that good?). I don’t think I need to elaborate further. You can read the story here or by googling her name.

3. Andrei Smirnov – 10 year old boy who jumped from the 19th floor of his apartment after his parents banned him from playing videogames. He had received poor results in school and tried to hide it from parents (somewhat unsuccessfully) by removing the records from school diary. His parents found out and banned him from playing videogames. So what does he do? He kills himself. To read further about him just google ‘Andrei Smirnov videogames’.

I think the most important thing you should teach your children as they were growing up is that you can’t always get what you want and if you want something, you should earn it. But a more important thing is to have thick skin and not take heed if the other kids are mean. I get really pissed when I hear someone says kids are all innocent and cute. When I was a kid I saw these ‘innocent and cute’ kids bully other kids and call other kids who aren’t as cute buruk gila(damn ugly), gemuk macam babi (fat as a pig) and hitam macam kuali (black as a wok). Let’s face it, kids only look cute. Kids are meaner than adults. They make fun and laugh at other kids for being different and they don’t bother to hide it from the kid who is being teased. This is partly because they haven’t mastered the adult art of bitching and backstabbing yet.

I actually love kids. It’s the monsters that they turn into when they are reaching puberty that repels me.

I don’t understand why kids nowadays can’t have plain good old fun running around in bicycles or do whatever kids 10 years ago did. When I was young, my friends and I played ‘getah’ and batu seremban. And we had fun. I don’t know why kids nowadays are always in such a hurry to grow up. Ini semua salah MTV.


Dayana said...

and MySpace!

Anonymous said...

tetek pon tade lagi. zzzz, umur 13-15 pun internet savvy.

dan 13-15 ni la dh ada hand phone. selalu ada kt kedai yg ade top up rm2-rm5 tu.

magenta said...

Dayana: Hahaha MySpace. Betul, betul.

pakali: Best jadi bdk2 zaman sekarang.Semua mak bapak tanggung.Hp first aku, beli masa 18 tahun,lps dapat gaji pertama.Itu pun nokia 3315 je.Skrg dah mampu 10 bijik iPod,tapi 1 pun tak beli.

Anonymous said...

malaysia-budak perempuan,frust sebab result UPSR,gantung diri.

ya,blame MTV.dan susu tepung yang ada immunofortis..hehe

nurulazreenazlan said...

Bunuh diri sebab tak boleh tengok Big Brother? Apakah? Big Brother tu, IMHO is a showcase of whitetrash, walaupun yang menang last season was a black. Takde pun takpe Big Brother tu, in fact takde pun lagi baik kot.

Sangat tak worth it. Bodoh punya budak. Mati pun lagi baik. Oh memang dah mati eh?

Things like this make me scared to have kids of my own.

magenta said...

Nurul : Haha, just watched a Big Brother clip on YouTube, memang trash. Couldn't finish watching it.

Yeah, I worry about the same thing.

rexxdelarocha said...

Just a little trivia

This reminds me of a character from Preacher called Arseface. The guy survived a self-inflicted shotgun blast to the face and was horribly disfigured. Why did he do it? Because his hero Kurt Cobain did it.

Apparently the origin of the character Arseface was based on a real-life event but the kid is actually a Judas Priest fan.