Monday, February 11, 2008

Mellon Collie and Infinite Sadness

I hate posts that are created due to lack of sleep. Because lack of sleep = lack of judgement. So I deleted this entry. Paling mulia pun boleh jadi panduan untuk posers di luar sana. Personal entries usually don't benefit anyone. Lagi-lagi penulisnya, yang telah baca balik setelah cukup tidur selama 2 jam.


Aimi said...

did i looked that? so... happy? or should i read it in reverse? is it so... sad, instead? if i really did look happy, you're the first to say it. everyone i know or have yet to know have one thing they agree upon: amy the sad looking kid.

thank you for the mention, my friend=)

modest mouse is one of my favorites. and please dont kill me for what i'm about to say (and know that it didnt slice my heart in burning pain when i read what you wrote on him), but i dont think kurt cobain is just a pretty face. (although there is a resemblance with that high school musical kid). not deep lyrics, that i agree. and foo fighters is better, that i agree on too. yes, i have a couple of nirvana songs, but no, i'm not obsessed over the band or kurt. and hey, friends dont have to have ALL things in common, no?

magenta said...

You looked..I can't put a word on it.I just never thought we'd relate. Boy, how wrong was I :)

Haha don't bother about it. That paragraph abt Nirvana is just to piss off their fans (if they happen to read it) yang perasan hardcore. Padahal tau lagu 'smells like teen spirit' and 'come as you are' je.Then claim hardcore fan.Ala i have a few of their mp3s also.The lyrics macam ditulis by budak laki baru baligh tapi ok jugakla layan kdg2.Like how i would layan Moby sometimes.Tapi at least Moby kdg2 boleh jd deep jugak.Haha.

Sleep Monger said...

ooo, sini asal magenta. nice nice. mellon collie and infinite sadness...

kamu umur berapa mase dgr album ni?? kamu batu girl!

terjemah ye.. hehe. akan selalu singgah di sini, kalau ada yg baru lah..


magenta said...

Hahaha batu ke dengar musnah labu?Ramai lagi yang lebih batu aku rasa.

Aku 12 masa tu.Curi dengar kaset abang aku masa dia pergi sekolah.:)