Saturday, February 2, 2008

Attention Whores on Friendster

Here's an entry from my old blog, back when I had a Friendster account. I'm probably not going to write anything new soon, so I'll just transfer some of the old entries here in the meantime.

Definition of an attention whore according to encyclopediadramatica:

Most commonly found on the Internet, an attention whore is almost invariably a 16 year old girl who desperately craves attention in any form. More than 9,000 of attention whores are completely insane. Most of them attend your high school.

Signs that you are a Friendster Whore:

1. Your primary photo is usually a self taken picture in front of the mirror or in the car, taken using a handphone camera (because of the low resolution that so conveniently hides your blemishes, thus giving the viewer an illusion of perfect skin). In most cases you can see the hand that is taking the picture in the frame. Self taken pictures in the cars usually consist of the whore sitting in the driver’s seat looking away from the camera in a poor attempt to make people think the picture is taken by someone else although the guilty hand is clearly seen in the frame. Petaling Street sunglasses are optional.

I have no idea who this skank is. I googled attention whore and it brought me to her. Apparently she made up a story that her brother raped her then threw her out of a two story window on My Space. Read more of her attention whoring stories here.

2. Your Friendster name usually ends with FULL IV or some crap like that. You already have four accounts, and each account has over 500 friends. You add people randomly, and other Friendster whores/losers add you because they assume there must be something special about you since you are so ‘famous’. Your shoutout probably says something like “This account is full. Please add me at my next account at”. You usually state your email addresses, your AIM/Yahoo ID/MSN/Facebook/My Space on your Who I Want to Meet section.

3. You put up at least 300 photos of yourself and most of them look pretty much the same. (Sometimes they are the same photo, you put up the 1st one in colour and the 2nd one in black and white…3rd one in sepia…4th pic in get the idea).You put up sexy pictures of yourself on Friendster and bitch about how you hate getting dirty messages from strangers and friend requests from perverts on your About Me section. You’ve added a slideshow of your pictures (the same pictures you uploaded on your photos section) in your About Me section. In addition to that, you have at least 5 My Celebrity Look-alikes widgets on your page.

I uploaded an animated version of Jack Black to show you how reliable this celebrity look-alike crap is. Apparently he resembles a Victoria Secret model, a male underwear model and a few other A-List actresses and he’s not even trying. I bet if I had uploaded a real life version photo of Jack Black’s ass it’d resemble Jessica Alba’s face.

4. You strive to be in the current updates section constantly. You change your shoutouts every hour, edit your featured friends and profile every half an hour. Apart from that, you take down photos you uploaded the day before just to upload them again the next day. You write down crappy song lyrics to yourself everytime you’re bored just so that people can see you’ve received a new comment. You post 10 surveys everyday on the bulletin, as if anyone really cares whether you like red or dark pink glitter nail polish better. You change your status from being single to in a relationship and back to being single at least once in every 2 days, hoping people will exclaim in surprise “OMG! She just broke up again!” and “She’s so hot she found a rebound guy in just 2 days!” Fat chance.

This is how an attention whore’s updates would look like (Names and picture have been censored to keep the whore’s identity from being revealed).


Unknown said...

perfekto..aku sokong sgt2 aa..bgs2..troskan keusahawanan anda

Dayana said...

oh, sangat setuju!

Anna Shariff said...

much agree-able facts :)