Monday, February 11, 2008

Music Snob? Not Really.

I do believe that a person’s taste in music defines you in some way or the other. That doesn’t make me a music snob.

If you say or write in your Facebook/MySpace/Friendster that you’re a ‘universal listener’ or that you ‘listen to almost everything’, I won’t think that you’re a free spirited person or you’re ‘open to suggestions’. I will label you as an insecure person who’s afraid to speak your mind because you’re afraid of sticking out like a sore thumb and you have a complex and a desire to please everyone.

If you claim to be a fan of a band but only know one or two songs from their group, I’ll label you as a poser.

If you call yourself a rock or punk fan just because you listen to Avril, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte or My Chemical Romance, I’ll call you an annoying 13 year old.

If you think that Radiohead copied Muse and Pearl Jam copied Creed, I’ll call you a retard.

If you need to know the current music charts on the mainstream radio stations to decide which current songs to use as a ringtone.

If you told me Nirvana had deep lyrics. They had shit for lyrics. Commiting suicide doesn’t make you deep. Kurt Cobain became famous for the same reasons David Beckham did- Pretty boy looks. I’m glad he died. Foo Fighters is a better band in every way.

Left: What Cobain would look like if he was high maintainance.

If you are a PakcikTuaMiangYangDahKahwinTapiSukaLawatKelabDangdutLepasKerja because you like to see the singers gelekkkkk while maintaining their nilai-nilai ketimuran. Kononnya.

I’m judging you because you are the ones who are always judging me first. You tell me I should listen to MCR and Rihanna in order to be hip or cool. You tell me I need to dress like Avril because according to you, that’s how a Minah Rock dresses. I’m not a Minah Rock and I don’t need to dress like a teenage-cheerleader-turned-hooker with a face like a panda to boot.

Siapa lagi mengancam? My money's on the panda.

I realise that this is my second post tonight. I use the hours you spent sleeping to write- I only sleep two hours per night. Quitting a life and starting another can be so strenuous. Sigh.


47 said...

I love the acidity :)

This is either a ph1 or a ph2, i'm quite sure.

Will definitely lit fire under people's asses and get them jumping around.

Anonymous said...

yea yea. my pic is in ur blog.

nurulazreenazlan said...

But i DO listen to almost everything, anything that I think is good anyways, which is why my music library is filled with stuff from Ahmad Jais, Anneke Grohloh, A Romzi and The Hooks, to Dewa (their old stuff which is better) and White Shoes, to Buena Vista Social Club, Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Nina Simone, Ella Fitgerald, and I also listen to Dashboard Confessional (stuff from pre-Spiderman) when I feel like I can stomach listening to a pretty boy wailing his heart out. I also listen to Justin Timberlake, Madeleine Peyroux, Amy Winehouse, (she needs rehab no kidding), Franz Ferdinand, the Arctic Monkeys, and Muse. I also like Broery Marantika, Hattan, Search, Black Dog Bone, Alleycats, and myriad other Malay singers (I think the rock kapak bands of yesteryears are the best!). And I think some of Siti Nurhaliza's songs are pretty good too, biarlah listening to her talking make me wince pun, the girl can sing there's no doubt about that. When I was young and angry, I used to listen to Metallica and RATM. Now my eardrums can't really take them anymore. And I'm only 26, sad. I would always heart Coldplay, that's for sure.

So, say I don't want to write I listen to almost everything, how should I label myself? My music is pretty mainstream, mainly because I lack the drive to research my music, I just listen to whatever's at hand. I'd rather read books rather than visit pitchfork to find out the latest music just so I could listen to 'rare' bands. I have no desire to differ myself from the crowd through my music, although playing Anneke Grohloh on my mp3 while sitting with my white classmates do make me a tad different. I listen to whatever music I feel like listening to at that moment and I don't give a toss about what my music says about me.

I'm curious though, does my music actually say anything about me? Humor me magenta, I'm lying on the couch, you can play shrink, hehe.

Oh for additional info, my ring tone is the starting music for Sex and The City, which I believe is an oldies (the song I mean). Been using it for about 3 years already. I wonder if you can use it in your analysis =)

By the way, excellent writing. I like.

magenta said...

This is a good comment. :) I must admit I actually made a mistake in this entry, one that I just realized. I should have written “I listen to everything” and not “I listen to almost everything”. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s impossible for someone to like everything, isn’t it? I’m somewhat passionate about music, that’s why it infuriates me to hear the answer, “I listen to everything.” Sort of like if you asked someone, “So, who’s your favorite writer?” and they replied, “Oh, I like them all.” I believe everyone must somehow have a preference, it’s a bit hard for me to believe that someone can like rock music equally as much they like irama Malaysia. Mainly because when I ask these sort of people, “So, do you like dangdut, then? Trash metal? Nasyid? Techno?” they’d usually reply, “Err…no.”

I agree, Dewa’s old songs are better, back in the days when they were called Dewa19 and not just Dewa. I don’t think you’re that mainstream, mainstream would mean you would only be listening to only Rihanna/Gwen Stefani/Fergie right now. From what you mentioned, you seem to be more into alternative rock and a bit of jazz, although I honestly have no clue who Anneke Grohloh is. I listen to (almost) everything you mentioned, and I think you have a preference for English sounds and indie bands. And yes, I do have most of the Rock Kapak bands in my mp3 folder and I’ve even sung a Siti Nurhaliza song during an event haha. I understand completely the part of being young and mellowing out over the years, I prefer to listen to instrumental music nowadays (Apocalyptica, Malmsteen, Vai).

I really think you’d enjoy Radiohead circa 1995 (album:The Bends) and maybe Sigur Ros (try listening to the song “Gong’). And also Travis (Driftwood, Writing to Reach You). I might be wrong, but I think you’ll like it. If you do, then maybe I can recommend other songs from the bands. :)

47 said...


The two longest comments I've read anywhere thus far!

rexxdelarocha said...


Sounds like a superhero name :P

Nice post. First time reader here. Found your blog from Merces Letifer.

nurulazreenazlan said...

hey ya =)

thanks for the suggestions. will definitely look them up.

magenta said...

Rexx: Haha thanks.Teringat Claire Bennet pulak bila cakap pasal cheerleaders and superhero.

Nurul: No problemo. It's refreshing to get comments like yours.

Fahmi Reza said...

hi magenta, kalau takde hal nak kongsi, kamu sendiri dengar muzik apa dan bagaimana citarasa kamu tu mencerminkan perwatakan kamu?

magenta said...

Fahmi Reza: How does one answer this question tanpa sounding syok sendiri? :)

Music with lyrics that I can relate to due to my compulsive nature yang need to be able to relate to someone.

Songs yang rhythm,pitch and texture dia bila combined has the ability to move you and paint a vivid emotion/mood in your mind.Boleh layan and syok sendiri.Haha. Err I guess this means music is more than just something I listen to for fun.What does this mean?I like to be able to feel, I guess.Selagi ada passion and you can feel, you know you are not dead inside.

Haih melalut pulak. Ok, can I direct the question back at you?

Anonymous said...

"If you think that Muse copied Radiohead and Creed copied Pearl Jam, I’ll call you a retard."

- apa maksud kamu?