Monday, February 25, 2008

Ice cream and Colors

I woke up thinking of colors. A place where everything was art. The ceilings, the walls, the ground, the ice cream.

Looking at that display, I felt like Gretel. I couldn’t choose. I felt like I was going to ruin art. I was in a country where the ice creams were one of the best in the world. I didn’t want to make the wrong decision. I wanted something I had never tasted before. I wanted something that sounded like it didn't exist anywhere else in the world. But I think I ended up choosing apple in the end. I can’t remember.

The others were just as amazed as I was. Two of them chose the most exotic looking ice cream from the display. Under the warm sunlight, their ice creams glistened.

Can you guess what flavor it was?

It was perisa asam boi.

No matter where you are, you're never too far away from home.


Anonymous said...

kalau kamu betul2 gretel mesti dah gigit bekas kaca tu, hehe.


nurulazreenazlan said...

perisa asam boi?

you are tormenting me.

Anonymous said...

i like straciatella flavour. lolz

47 said...

Aiskrim asam-boi...

Bukan penggemar aiskrim, tapi perkataan "aiskrim asam-boi" membuat kelenjar saliva menjadi aktif.

*lap lap

Ingrid Dients said...

I am embarassed to say this is one of the things I live for.

Anonymous said...

haha..aku plak actually rasa kecewa sbb rasa asam boi jek?,penat2 travel situ,rasa buah msia gak,haha..igtkan rasa exotic pelik2..haha,maracuja+strawberry,or....etc..

47 said...

Ooh jipo, err magenta if i may mencelah, it's when you're away from home, especially for an extended period of time, that makes local food all the more desirable.