Thursday, March 13, 2008


Some of you might be aware that I occasionally write on Merces Letifer, the latest post by me being the entry titled ‘
Entri yang Tak Relevan dengan PC dan Tak Tentu PC’. As a result from that post, I was dubbed a PAS loving arse hole and cyber fornicator (not on that blog, but on other blogs. Commenter tak berani nak refute me on my blog.), although I clearly stated in my entry that I did not take sides. Since when did it mean that I had to be a supporter of a party to defend them?

I had previously written on how I sometimes like to write about things that aren’t especially relevant to me. I don’t have to be fat to write about how fat people are indirectly being discriminated in this country, do I? I only need to see it happen to my friends. It’s true by the way. Malaysia doesn’t really cater to the needs of big women. The only shops carrying plus-sized clothes are usually given ugly and boring names such as ‘Big Brown Bag’. True, I never have trouble finding a size here but it pisses me all the same. It just further proves that here, there is a standardized perception of beauty in Malaysia. Slim, fair, Pan Asian features with long straight hair. I’ll elaborate further on this topic one day.

So back to the political discussions. I wrote that post on March 10, two days before it was published in the papers that a PAS candidate would be elected to be Perak’s new MB. Yes, when I wrote this in point number 6: ‘Apa, kamu terkejut PAS dipilih oleh parti-parti lain untuk menjadi MB di sesetengah negeri?’, I had Perak in mind. I just never expected the outcome would be like this. If anything, Lim Kit Siang’s reaction to the Sultan Perak’s decision is a tad immature, if I may say so. Edit: A reliable source just told me Tajol Rosli might be relected to become Perak's MB, but I can't confirm this. I guess we will be reading why soon, except I know most of you can already guess the actual reason. Take note, I hold no illusions that Malaysians suddenly turned into PAS or DAP fanatics. I believe that the sole reason the BA won big this election is because Malaysians got tired of BN’s bullshit. Even if you had a donkey running against a BN candidate, I believe that the donkey would have won.

In point number 5 I wrote, 'Golongan yang berfikir teori itu senang dipraktikkan dan berfikir pengalaman itu tak relevan. Change can occur in the matter of weeks'. I warned you about this. I can only further stress this point by recent developments. Experience is very important when it comes to politics. People were optimistic that BA was going to get to work straight away and we’d see some drastic changes in as early as next month. You didn’t take into account that some parties needed to resolve their childish issues first, did you?

Lastly, I don’t know where I come off as a racist when I said, 'I too, have faith in my race, but not that far. Kalau nak ambil crutches orang Melayu pun, at least train them to walk first. Jangan rampas terus. Nanti makin cacat jadinya'. Let’s not fool ourselves. If pure meritocracy or equality among races were to be carried out, how many Malays would survive in our economy? However, I did not disagree with Penang’s decision to demolish NEP, I believe that it would be a good way to keep Malays on their toes. Here I must explain that I do not mean that NEP should be demolished in all the states straight away. I just believe that fear is the greatest reminder and motivation of all. Edit lagi: Penang never proposed to demolish NEP, they simply proposed 'open tender' for all projects.

I’m not a political analyst or a law student, if I said something wrong, you may point out so.


Puteri Gunung Ledang said...

haha seriously macam klakar.
I rarely read comment. Unless I commented on that blog. LOL. I only comment if it got some issues. I only comment..enuff what i think. Ader yang macm pembenci PAS tapi macam pikir PAS tu kuno sgt la plak. Tau ke PAS tu aper. Main hentam keromo je. I don't know the whole PAS party thingy but basically its islamic but not naive. Kita dalam hal ni bersangka baik lah kan. Dia ader personal issue la tu. Belum cukup dewasa. Tak pe biar la die berkata2.
Tapi nanti jadi masyarakat yang tidak peduli. Society that doesnt care. Tegur dengan cara berhemah. Beri penerangan dan bukti2 yang kukuh. tapi kita lihat juga pada penulisan. tapi untuk tidak membuang masa. kita lihat kepada penulisan nya. kalau terlampau kebudak-budakkan abai kan je la. atau balas lebih kurang.
Its hard to be open minded. later you brain might fall off. Joke yang dah basi.
Kita nak orang open minded tapi adakah kita ni open minded.
Kita nak orang bertindak dan berfikir secara dewasa adakah kita ni cukup dewasa.
memberi komen sesutu yang fakta terhadap bende yang kita tak tau baik tak payah.
Yang byk kita lihat di media mainstream adalah komen yang diberikan oleh org2 yang tak berkaitan.
Kalau dah byk sgt bosan plak tgk tv.
P/s-I like to babble. my sentence probably jumbled up. I may repeat the first part of a sentence at the end of the sentence. I h8 to read back what I had written. Cause in the end I didnt post a comment at all. I may not have a point. But my main point is. PEOPLE GROW UP AND ACCEPT THIS AS A BLOG AND THE THINGS WRITTEN ARE PERSONAL VIEW. IF ITS WRONG CORRECT IT.IF ITS RIGHT..right la..

Puteri Gunung Ledang said...

songs from juno soundtrack is great...
tetibe terminat kimya dawson plak..
juno nnti sampai msia ke..

Unknown said...

please do write about double-standard in malaysia. that's why i've been using whitening product religiously *hahhaha.....kene admit bende nih* about the political issue, i just wanna say that everybody has their own opinion. yg jadi x bestnyer bile some people write comments mcm nk ajak bergaduh. relax lahh. kalau x suke xpayah baca kan? x ade sape2 yg boleh ckp die betul n org lain salah. n maybe sbb skarang tgh awal2 lagi so everyone pun nk ckp pasal politic. just give them some time nnt mesti dh ok dah.. baik u concentrate hafal number2 baru channel astro. nnt senang u nk tgk tv :-)

Amy said...

hey. thx for the tag. i jz logged on to ym, so i only got ur msg tadi. will respond to the tag. only i cant say when=p

magenta said...

PGL: Haha thanks for your comment. Pasal Juno, I'm not sure. Rasanya tak akan ditayangkan di pawagam, Knocked Up tak keluar cinemas kan? Takpe, just try finding the DVD. Cerita dia best.

sky: Haha I will one day, tp I think theboinq pnh sentuh abt this issue in her post asian girls with blond ambitions. It's a good post, read it!
Pasal those ppl who nak gaduh on the internet,I think they're just bored and looking for some sort of entertainment on the Internet. Tak sempat nak hafal channel, already left Msia.

amy: take your time. =)

Anonymous said...

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