Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Evolution of Nicole Kidman

Behold this collage I made of Nicole Kidman, a woman who looks better at 40 than she was at 20:

Click on the picture to view the larger version.

I can't afford to pretend like I'm only interested in serious issues all the time and I'm bored. So humor me.


Anonymous said...

alternative title: Behold the wonders of plastic surgery!


not that i'm implying anything. some people do age so very well.

magenta said...

LOL. I agree, some people, especially Asians and Nigella Lawson, but not Nicole Kidman. :p

I personally think she looks like she's 40 when she was 20 and vice versa. The miracles of aging in Hollywood. Haha.

Unknown said...

damn! if everyone in their 40s will look like her, then i cant wait to turn 40 as well! i will start applying anti-wrinkle cream when im 25lahh. prevention is better than cure :-P

Puteri Gunung Ledang said...

the thing is that's 40. you could look like that when you're 40. wait till the monopause came. unless you could stop "monopause"ing.
P/S-that's how monopause spelled rite. Screw the spelling y'know what i meant. and screw the grammar as well.

magenta said...

sky: yeah, your skin will age much faster if you're living in country that has 4 seasons (lg2 time winter). don't forget to apply anti aging on your hands too!

PGL: hehe it's spelled 'menopause', but i get what you mean anyway.